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Why I Coach:

I started teaching archery in 2010 after I received my level 2 certification, shortly after my shoulder injury. Only after in-depth training in the National Training System (NTS) was I able to return to practicing the Olympic Recurve.

Today, I coach to educate my students about injury-prevention – so that the same injury I had suffered does not happen to anyone else.

Coaching others is my passion.  It’s my way of passing on the knowledge and experience that I’ve gained over the years as a competitive archer.

Because of the vast world of intricate details and the ever-expanding challenges archers face, I am always looking for ways to grow, to further educate myself, and to continue learning as much as possible from my own coaches.  Coaching in archery is a never-ending learning experience, and I am dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in archery.

I am currently an NTS Level 3 Coach, going after my NTS Level 4, and working in Southern California.